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The W3C is changing: it becomes a Public Interest Non Profit


well, is it good news or bad news?
please let us know what you think!


from the document by W3C:

Vision for the future

Our vision for the future is a web that is truly a force for good. A World Wide Web that is truly international and more inclusive, more respectful of its users. A web that supports truth better than falsehood, people more than profits, humanity rather than hate. A web that works for everyone, because of everyone.

About the World Wide Web Consortium

The mission of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is to lead the Web to its full potential by creating technical standards and guidelines to ensure that the Web remains open, accessible, and interoperable for everyone around the globe.

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From 2023, W3C is its own legal entity (“W3C Inc”).
What’s new, you ask? Well, it’s a big change, as until this year, W3C wasn’t a thing in itself. It existed in a “hosted model”, meaning (most recently) four universities “hosted” W3C, with staff being employed by/through those universities. Three of those universities (all except MIT) are still around, now as ”partner”.

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