Matéria Prima: Jana Winderen – Sonic Bloom

We interview Jana Winderen after her performance at GNRation, Braga, to hear of her experience doing field recordings on the Arctic marginal ice zone.

We get to know how she experiences her art and the forms in which she finds ways to tell stories and lend a microphone to often under-represented beings and critters, like planton, whales and other sea dwellers.


“The listener experiences the bloom of plankton, the shifting and crackling sea ice in the Barents Sea around Spitsbergen (towards the North Pole) and the underwater sounds made by bearded seals, migrating species such as humpbacks and orcas, and the sound of hunting seithe and spawning cod. All depend on the spring bloom. Jana Winderen researches the hidden depths with the latest technology; her work reveals the complexity and strangeness of the unseen world beneath. The audio topography of the oceans and the depth of ice crevasses are brought to the surface.” – from Jana Winderen’s Bandcamp

About Jana’s sounds:


About Jana:

“Jana Winderen is an artist who currently lives and works in Norway. Her practice pays particular attention to audio environments and to creatures which are hard for humans to access, both physically and aurally – deep under water, inside ice or in frequency ranges inaudible to the human ear. Her activities include site-specific and spatial audio installations and concerts, which have been exhibited and performed internationally in major institutions and public spaces.” – from Jana’s website

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